Friday, August 25, 2017

This introduction class is designed to develop strong drawing AND DESIGN  skills based on the Elements of Art , on the part of each student. Drawing is the main focus of this course. Through drawing we will explore other media like watercolor, oil pastel, ceramics, charcoal all attempting to answer the questions, "Who am I ?



$25 check made payable to John Carroll School  

mechanical pencil Hand held pencil sharpener, with a pencil shaving catcher• Erasers - Pink Pearl, Kneaded, and White Plastic• Sketchbook- provided by teacher.   8.5 X 11 HardBound ( These journal sketchbooks are a major componet)• 1 set of Prismacolor Colored Pencils, 12 Pack Good, 24 Pack Fantastic.• A container of some sort for these materials homework assignment during the first weeks of school.2 rollerball fine pens -black

Friday, January 20, 2017

What"s In A Name?

 Your first assignment is to create an original alphabet that reflects who you are and what interests you. Look below for some more examples . 
 You also have to purchase the following items to do your homework:
 1. a sketchbook from me $10.