Friday, November 16, 2012

Value Puzzle

These puzzle pieces will be  assembled and included in the  Who Am I? collage below.
  1. cut picture into 5 or more pieces
  2. cut through facial features not around them
  3. trace shape on paper
  4. glue photo piece next to drawn shape
  5. complete 2 tonal grids before proceeding to....
  6. copy what you see in the picture shape into the drawn shape
  7. match the dark and light areas
  8. mix up the media. do some in colored pencil, watercolor,ballpoint etc.
  9. re-assemble into face/photo
  10. glue down onto collage paper
  11. organize the background with found collage material.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who am I ? Who do I want to Be?

This is a question that every one asks themselves. Artists explore this idea constantly by creating. Our next artwork is going to combine the Formalism of Klee with real imagery of the face combined with collage elements that answer the questions of Identity.
  1. draw portrait from picture, viewfinder, or mirror.
  2. transfer onto paper  intgrate into
  3. create a grid pattern and overlay it on your  face.
  4. write song, poems messages in the grids
  5. watercolor letters  
  6. collage words and pictures and intgrate into design